Enrich user experience. Assist decision making with enhanced education.

Good decisions are made based on knowledge, not numbers. twikAR's expertise in simulation software will help users visualize specific scenarios virtually so they can make educated decisions in real life.


Virtual Reality helps engineers visualize projects and installations in 3D. It helps them gain greater understanding on how things work. In the design and build stage, virtual reality can be used to spot risks and flaws before implementation saving valuable time, energy and resources. After implantation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be used for training employees.

Real Estate

The ability to envision specific designs is critical for designers, builders, contractors and customers in the real estate space. With augmented reality, one can see buildings with all the details. With virtual reality, people can walk inside the building without visiting the site even before it is built.


Augmented reality and virtual reality are changing how the patients are treated and diagnosed. Virtual reality improves the way training is provided to the medical staff. With VR a qualified consultant from geographically remote area can access video from an operation theatre and guide the surgery team not only through spoken instructions but with drawn or written annotations, by sending anatomical diagrams or video footage. The power of Augmented Reality can be used from providing real-time data and assistance during complicated surgical procedures, to supporting aftercare and administration.


The promise of Augmented Reality is opening up new opportunities for retailers. At twikAR we work with retail brands to develop augmented reality content as a way to reinvigorate consumer’s experience.

Place a actual 3D model from a furniture catalogue to see how it looks in your house, check a piece of jewelry on your skin tone or under different light, or entice consumers to your brand in a retail store it all now available at just the point of the camera with Augmented Reality app.

Retailers can use virtual reality to enhance in-house shopping experience by helping brands tell their stories by allowing consumers to live the experience in the environments their products are designed to be used.