We create Augmented Reality content and applications for businesses and digital agencies and provide consultancy and support for all types of technology projects. We bring magic to everyday objects.

In the world of information overload, we want to create a system where information is presented in a way which is necessary, interactive and that creates a psychological impact on the minds of the audience.

Virtual reality in the context of the digital world is a simulated environment created using systems and software. Such an immersive environment, which can mimic real world or can be entirely fictional, can engage most of human senses including sound, sight and even touch. Users can move, look, listen and even touch virtual objects around them. Depending on the complexity and functionality, VR systems can incorporate a range of technologies including but not limited to motion sensors, multidirectional cameras, head mounted display screens along with powerful fast processors. VR was initially used primarily in the military and aviation sector for training purposes. Now other sectors including gaming, medicine, retail and reality have also embraced this technology. Find out more about Virtual Reality.

Augmented reality is an experience of the real world where certain perceptions are modified using computer generated data. This data is either added to the physical environment or is removed from it in such a way that it appears to be a part of the physical world. Augmented reality is used to improve the perception of surrounding environment. With the help of newer technologies like Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, the data from objects in the real world can be collected, manipulated and presented by overlaying it on the real world. Augmented reality is typically useful for applications requiring information on a real time basis. Currently augmented reality is largely being used for entertainment and gaming. With improvement in technology, it is increasingly being used in education, live broadcast, healthcare, military and other applications where information gathering and presentation play an important role in smooth functioning. Find out more about Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality allows brands to use their print, packaging and the product to give required information to the audience. AR allows digital content to placed where the brand requires interactivity, thus unlocking a new channel of communication.

Visual Marketing is the practice of using images and objects to enhance brand communications and utility via artificial intelligence, computer vision, augmented reality and visual discovery.

The application of AR is to be done with specific goals that are to be achieved, whether in terms of engagement, information or create a buzz around the product. Whether it’s purely marketing in the form of an interactive print advert or an application that helps you to demonstrate your products in real-time 3D, there will be a use for AR in your business.