Interact. Inform.Influence.
Change the way your brand interacts with people. Gift users a magical experience that will change their world view for ever with the interactive interface we create at twikAR.

Our Belief
twikAR was born out of an intense discussion which was caused due to a bad purchase. We pondered over a solution which could result in the eradication of ambiguity in products for the consumers. twikAR was thus built with the objective to enhance user experience, bring value to education by making learning more interactive.

Increase brand awareness and ROI on marketing spends by creating interactive content using cutting edge technologies for products and services promoting user engagement.

In the world of information overload, we are committed to creating a system which would present information in a way which is necessary, interactive and creates a psychological impact on the minds of the audience.

Core Values

  • Facilitate decision making by leveraging technology for education.
  • Enhance user experience by developing interactive user friendly applications to solve complex real world problems.
  • Bridge the communication gap by creating engaging immersive content.